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Never have i had more fun beating up children with a stick

This game is seriously fun. It's simple so anyone can play has tons of charm to it. It's really hard to put down! Like stated before the controls take a bit to get used to but, after awhile it's easy  to know what does what. The camera was a little jittery on a couple parts i'm sure it's on purpose to give the kids a fighting chance! I never did see any of Krampus' switch power ups a shame because I was looking forward to that. Would love to see a sequel or an updated version with more levels!

This is more challenging than it looks, but is pretty fun once you get the hang of it. The simplistic art style looks like something done in MS Paint, and I feel that gives it a certain charm as it works well for the game's overall appearance and play style. I also like that the dev has apparently kept it up to date despite it being made in 2015. That's pretty cool of you, guy.

Good job on this. It's nice having something for the holiday season that isn't just more Santa or snowmen.

I made a fucking awesome gameplay, motherfucker!

What did you develop this game with?

Construct 2. It gives you a pretty good running start with a ton of common game elements built in, like basic platformer behaviors and stuff like that. Great for jams!

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I made a let's play.


happy happy happy happy!